I also do short-term consulting for scientific computing. Here are some things I can help you and your research group with:

  • I can help you write code or optimise your existing scientific software: I’m an expert in C, C++, Fortran and Python, as well as performance optimisation and parallel programming for CPUs, GPUs and distributed parallel clusters. I also have a background with numerical methods in computational chemistry and computational physics, especially electronic structure methods and molecular dynamics.

  • I can also help you make your software more usable and robust: I have extensive experience applying software engineering best practices such as automated testing, continuous integration/continuous deployment and reproducible build systems to scientific codes and HPC environments.

  • I have strong technical writing skills and know how to write good documentation: check out the rest of this blog and my GitHub account for an idea of the kind of writing I can do.

If any of this sounds useful and you want to hire me, just shoot me an email at emily (at) atomwitch [dot] net and we can work something out!