Hi! My name's Emily and I'm a research software engineer based in Brisbane, Australia. My day job is developing and testing software for a computational chemistry research group at the University of Queensland. On the technical side, I’m interested in heterogeneous computing for molecular science and especially portability in the GPU-computing space. On the non-technical (or less-technical) side, I’m interested in policy directions for research software, especially around academic career incentives and sustainable development in the research software ecosystem. I also love science communication and take any opportunity I can to share my love of science with whoever will let me.

I started this website as a PhD student to blog about computer science things I find interesting. Much of the code I work with is substantially older than me, so I run into a lot of weird/interesting/esoteric things over the course of a workday - this blog hopes to document some of the more interesting ones.

In my spare time, I bake bread, go rock-climbing, and play the bass guitar.


Full CV here.

I can be contacted via LinkedIn or email at emily (at) atomwitch [dot] net. I used to have a Twitter account but stopped using it for various reasons.

I’m also on Mastodon: @atomwitch@hachyderm.io